‘A Beacon for London’s Homeless’ by Yara Samaha

Yara Samaha is currently a Part I Architectural Assistant looking for a job in London. She graduated with a First from University of Westminster and has some experience in practice and in construction, tracking site progress of ‘Old Admiralty Building' and in participating in the build of ‘The Potemkin Theatre' and ‘The Lubolo'

Here is Yara's final design thesis, ‘A Beacon for London's Homeless' all modelled in Rhino and partially rendered in V-RAY

You can reach out and say hello on the Architecture Social, a community of students, academics, professionals and employers within the Architecture & Design industry here: https://lnkd.in/dnRkfUm


Stephen Drew

Stephen Drew

Stephen is the Head of Architecture and Design at Macdonald & Company and Founder of the Architecture Social with over six years of recruitment experience.

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