Portfolio Review with Let’s Show it Better & Learn Upstairs

Join Steven and Oliver as they critique and discuss some architecture portfolios.

Your Hosts: Steven Rubio

[Let’s Show it Better] & Oliver Uszkurat [Learn Upstairs] Links to Portfolios: https://issuu.com/gruu2440/docs/guruphttps://issuu.com/danieifavaro/docs/dhttps://issuu.com/santiagobarinas/dochttps://issuu.com/richashubhangi/docshttps://issuu.com/dianaterzieva/docs/https://issuu.com/ilyaklimow/docs/porhttps://issuu.com/pilipak-daria/docs/https://issuu.com/mertkaanalptekin/dohttps://issuu.com/giorgichachanidze/d

Pages 12-13/58: https://issuu.com/ghannoum1209/docs/m

Page 4-5/58 (only the project cover): https://issuu.com/adhammohamedmustafa


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