Be bold and call with smile. You can do it!

It was great to have a frank and open discussion today with Martin Andrews about the challenges a graduate faces when looking for a job in the Architecture industry.

While it is a strange time, I am optimistic that there are still graduate roles out there – we just have to be upfront and embrace the obstacles. The way out is through, applicants have to role up their sleeves and get stuck in. Sent out 5 CV's today? Great, let's do 10 tomorrow!

If you are feeling a little bit exhausted, don't worry that's understandable. You can do it, tomorrow let's get going and give a practice a friendly phonecall. Who knows, they may just have won a new project.

Next time you send a CV, give them a call a later in the day. Be bold and call with smile. You can do it!

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