Join our Book Club, The Architect’s Shelf

Here at The Architect’s Shelf, we believe that creativity and innovation come from conversing with other people. Join our monthly book club where we discuss all things on architecture and design. Get creative and express yourself while surrounded by some of the most remarkable minds in this field.

You don’t have to be an architect, or even someone with architecture knowledge to enjoy the benefits of The Architect’s Shelf. In a monthly group discussion where we explore new topics and share what we’ve been reading in this fortnightly bookclub, you can join your fellow architectural designers for heartfelt discussions on all things architecture.

Trust us when we say there’s never a dull moment at these meetings – with talk about everything from buildings projects to books that related strongly to our profession. Your own quirky points of view will blend well here so come and be part of The Architect’s Shelf!

The Architect's Shelf

A space for discussion, exploration, and debate on all things architecture and design.

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