Jamiul Choudhury, Part II Architectural Assistant and Winner of BBC’s Race Across the World

Two weeks ago I spoke to Jamiul Choudhury, who is a Part II Architectural Assistant and a winner of BBC's Race Across the World.

We crossed paths because I was watching the series and Jamiul is actively looking for a job during these crazy times. You only need to watch the series to see what a credible person Jamiul is, it's a living breathing reference and testament of character which you can view on iPlayer!

Jamiul is available to start work in London, he has industry experience, the grades and Revit skills to boot – as well as fighting all odds and overcoming other competitors in his race across the world. Humble, hard-working and dedicated. He is the type of person I would want on my team!

You can contact Jamiul for employment opportunities on Linkedin and the Architecture Social here:

http://Architecture Social: https://community.architecturesocial.com/members/4982436





Stephen Drew

Stephen Drew

Stephen is the Head of Architecture and Design at Macdonald & Company and Founder of the Architecture Social with over six years of recruitment experience.

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