Elevating Francesca’s Creative Architectural Apprentice CV

Francesca, your approach to crafting a CV stands out remarkably for its creativity and innovation. You’ve taken a unique concept and executed it with flair, making your CV not just a document, but a testament to your design thinking and originality. Here are some insights and suggestions to further refine and perfect your presentation, ensuring it captures the essence of your creativity while maintaining professional clarity and effectiveness.

Enhancing the Visual Theme

Refining the Brain Graphic

  • Graphic Improvement: Consider revising the brain graphic to be more subtle and professionally aligned with your branding. A refined graphic, perhaps a simplified or stylized version of the brain, layered with a translucent effect, could enhance the visual appeal without overwhelming the content.
  • Integration with Personal Branding: Align the revised brain graphic with your personal branding. This could mean adjusting colors, transparency, or positioning to create a cohesive look that complements the rest of your CV’s design.

Layout and Content Optimization

Contact Details Placement

  • Visibility: Elevate your contact details to a more prominent position, possibly integrating them into the header or a tasteful sidebar. This ensures that potential employers can easily find your contact information without searching.
  • Design Integration: Incorporate your contact details in a way that flows with the overall design. For example, subtle icons next to your email and phone number can add a touch of elegance while keeping the information accessible.

Content Clarity and Conciseness

  • Professional Experience: Your professional experience is presented clearly, showcasing your versatility. Continue to highlight key responsibilities and achievements in each role, using bullet points for easier readability.
  • Educational Background: Your academic achievements, including your graduation grade, are crucial. Keep this information concise but visible, ensuring it supports the narrative of your professional readiness.

Creative Content Presentation

Innovative Diagrams and Graphics

  • Utilizing Diagrams: The diagram explaining your skills and interests is a standout feature. Consider applying this level of creativity to other sections of your CV, perhaps in illustrating your software skills or design process.
  • Balancing Creativity with Professionalism: While your CV certainly breaks the mold, ensure that the creative elements enhance rather than distract from the key content. Each design choice should have a purpose and contribute to the overall narrative of your skills and experiences.


Your CV is a breath of fresh air in a sea of conventional formats, highlighting your capacity for innovative thinking and design. By refining the visual elements and ensuring the content’s clarity and accessibility, you can create a compelling document that not only showcases your creativity but also underscores your professionalism and readiness for an Architecture Assistant role. Keep pushing the boundaries, Francesca; your creative approach is your strongest asset in distinguishing yourself in the architecture field.