Maximizing the Impact of Ben’s CV and Portfolio: A Tailored Guide

Ben, your CV and portfolio presentation is exemplary, demonstrating a strong grasp of architectural principles and a keen interest in future-oriented design. Your documents are reflective of a well-rounded and technically proficient architectural assistant. Here’s a guide to further refine and leverage the strengths of your CV and portfolio for maximum impact.

CV Optimization

Professional Summary Enhancement

  • Immediate Availability: Explicitly stating your immediate availability for employment within your professional summary can signal your readiness to potential employers, making your CV more actionable.

Software Proficiency

  • Quantifying Experience: Adding the duration of experience next to each software skill (e.g., Rhino – 2 years, Grasshopper – 1.5 years) provides a clearer understanding of your proficiency level, adding depth to your technical skills.

Portfolio Presentation

Professional Work Showcase

  • Prioritizing Professional Experience: Consider positioning your professional work at the beginning of your portfolio. This strategic placement underscores your practical experience and ability to apply academic knowledge in real-world scenarios, which is highly valued by employers.

Project Descriptions

  • Clear Contextualization: Ensure each project, both academic and professional, is accompanied by concise descriptions that outline the project’s objectives, your specific contributions, and the technologies or methodologies employed. This adds clarity and showcases your problem-solving skills.

Design and Layout

Visual Consistency

  • Maintaining Visual Flow: While the atmospheric approach to your portfolio’s design is engaging, ensure that the visual flow remains consistent, facilitating an intuitive navigation through your work. Balance between wide-scale project overviews and detailed sections to keep the viewer engaged.

Technical Details Highlight

  • Emphasizing Technical Competence: Your inclusion of technical details and parametric design projects is commendable. Highlight these aspects to demonstrate your capability in tackling complex design challenges, balancing conceptual work with practical, detail-oriented solutions.

Personal Skills and Achievements

  • Honors and Personal Skills: Your CV excellently outlines your honors and personal skills. Consider adding any notable achievements or recognitions received during your professional experiences to further bolster your credentials.


Your CV and portfolio stand out as polished and professional, effectively communicating your architectural skills, interests, and experiences. By incorporating these tailored recommendations, you can enhance the clarity, impact, and accessibility of your documents, ensuring they resonate with potential employers. Remember, the goal is to present a cohesive narrative that not only highlights your design capabilities but also your readiness to contribute meaningfully to architectural projects. With these refinements, your application is poised to make a strong impression in the competitive job market.