FLYING DEEP on the SUNKEN BLIMP ft. Matheus Stancati




Get your snorkel gear ready… we are going DEEP! Who is Sunken Blimp? What is the Sunken Blimp? All good questions.

Rumour has it that Sunken Blimp is all about interdisciplinary design explorations, computational design, and digital fabrication.

I am curious to learn more and what better way than to do it live with you all. To guide me in this world of exploration is co-founder Matheus Stancati who’s background is in Architecture, Digital Fabrication, XR development, and more.

Hold on to your seat and join me live this Thursday at 2 pm GMT / 9 am EST to learn about what creative solutions Matheus and the team are creating by converging scientific research, technology, and architecture.


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