How to move Client-Side as an Architect to a Developer or Main Contractor

how to move client side as an architect to a developer or main contractor ft. stephen glands 1

With the rising cost of living and crashing economy in the UK, you wouldn’t be the only Architect thinking about moving Client-Side.

After all, I can see why many would think it would be appealing to work in real estate on the Developer’s team or perhaps as part of a Main Contractor instead of an Architecture Practice.

Over the years I’ve seen several Architects successfully move client-side, and an awful lot that have wanted to make the jump but have fallen short of making the shortlist and given up.

My guest and ex-colleague Stephen Glands has helped a lot of Architects make this transition successfully, he is also used to my antics which makes him the perfect well of wisdom for us to pick his brains!

Join us to learn how to move Client-Side successfully and what mistakes to avoid when sending your applications to make sure you don’t get lost in the inbox!


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