Neil Pinder – GLAM GOES GLOBAL 2021



The Architecture Social Show is BACK with a BANG and bringing the GLAM with Neil Pinder!


Popular culture has traditionally been influenced by the designs of iconic brands such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton fashion houses, but the tongue-in-cheek parodying of counterfeit culture (known as Bootlegs) is a trend that has gained popularity in recent years.

Through this popular culture, we can attract and enthuse young creatives to learn about architecture, and engineering either those choosing university courses or university students wanting to belong to a community of like-minded people.

GLAM activities develop the tools, language and critical thinking required to create wearable architectures. GLAM is pioneered by Neil Pinder who has taught in a number of inner-city schools for over 25 years, working with London Open House for much of that time. He has been a trustee of Blue Print (formerly the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust) for the past 15 years.

Currently Head of Product Design and Architecture at Graveney School in south London, where he introduced Architecture to the curriculum, winning various Open House competitions and being honoured as “Open House Teacher of the Year”.


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