Who is Muyiwa Oki and why is he running for the RIBA Presidency in the 2022 election?

Who is Muyiwa Oki and why is he running for the RIBA Presidency in the 2022 election?




It’s that time of year at the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) where the candidate nominations in the current elections have been announced and hustings are in place.

For the few engaged RIBA members, this is an important moment that could invoke change. Equally, there are many members who perhaps have grown tired and jaded with the institute as of late and elections feel pretty pointless.

Why do I say that? A bold claim? Well, last election the turnout was just 13.2 percent.

And to be honest, I can understand why – I’ve never felt compelled to vote historically before. Well, it’s time that you and I need to wake up as this year it’s a little bit different.

Yes, that’s right, in this election, there are three candidates running for the presidency. Two established and respected members of the RIBA council and board as well as a promising outsider called Muyiwa Oki.

Who is Muyiwa Oki, what are his beliefs and why is he running this year? It’s a good question, join me in an informal conversation at 8 pm this evening to find out why should you vote this year if you’ve never voted before and ask him any questions.

Muyiwa Oki

I am interested in the intersection of architecture and technology and aspire to work with cross-functional teams to craft products that enrich people's lives.

I have a particular interest in closed-looped systems and innovative circular economy schemes in the built environment.

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