Why are most Architecture Job Boards and Recruiter Websites so RUBBISH!?

Why are most Architecture Job Boards and Recruiter Websites so RUBBISH!?

Searching for a job is like a job in itself. Anyone who disagrees hasn’t had the misfortune of clicking through a thousand websites to find their job.

Honestly, it can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Except the hay is actually sharp needles which asks for all your personal data, crashes and ghosts you when you’ve handed everything over.

Sometimes the job is out of date, if you can find it to begin with because the search function was coded someone who has never worked in your industry and sometimes you’ve got to hand over every bit of private data known to mankind to submit an application.

Should you be fortunate enough to be one of the lucky ones who gets an interview, perhaps you find that the actual salary of the position is ten thousand pounds less than what you are currently on or a two-hour commute from where you live.

Most Architecture Job Boards and Recruitment Websites are BAD and make finding a job more painful than it already is. Does it really need to be this DIFFICULT?

Join me in an open conversation with Aylin Round where we will learn more about how she plans to change the formula with her new job board (www.archjobs.co.uk) and I can share a few of the ideas we are working on at the Architecture Social to make job seeking as easy as possible.

Alongside the good, we will also discuss the bad and the ugly. Who knows, probably some juicy nuggets and tips to help your search as well.