Decoding Urban Nature: Envi-Met Course - Microclimate Analysis beyond Wind and Sun

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LECTURE + LIVE DEMONSTRATION WORKSHOP // In the complex world of outdoor environments, climate parameters, vegetation, surfaces and structures constantly interact with each other. Due to the resulting interdependencies, these elements cannot be seen isolated. All interacting elements must be analysed even if only a single climatological aspect such as air temperature is required. This is possible using Envi-Met.

Case Study and Software Workshop

The course includes an Introductory Lecture and Case Study Live Software Demonstration

Professor Dr. Michael Bruse, creator of the urban microclimate simulation platform ENVI-MET presents a LIVE case study and software workshop, including a BONUS introductory lecture on Decoding Urban Nature. The course provides access to the workshops as LIVE webinars and recordings.

  • Simulation of Nature Based Solutions

    Green Façades, Living Walls, and Water Design Elements

  • Advanced Plant Simulation

    Plant Health, Wind and Water Stress, Water Usage

  • Solar Access Analysis

    Sun Hours, Shading on Ground and Building Façades

  • Air Quality

    Dispersion of air pollutants including NO-NO2 ozone chemistry

  • Thermal Calculation

    7 nodes, 3 layers wall/roof model with prognostic calculation of heat transfer


    Emissions and Dispersion

    Simulation of plant-based BVOC emissions and dispersion

  • Detailed Building Physics

    Façade and Indoor Temperature and Energy Flux, Microclimate at Building Surface

  • Water Spray Simulation

    Water Fountains, Water Mist Cooling

    Building Massing

    Single thin walls as design elements

    Radiative flux

    High resolution modelling of radiative fluxes including multiple reflections using the IVS algorithmR


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