Ladybug Tools Complete Training

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Why you should enroll


Developer Led

The course is led by its very developers. Chris Mackey co-developed Ladybug and Honeybee. Theodore Galanos co-developed Butterfly CFD.


Full Learning Curve

The course begins at Entry-level, progresses to Intermediate and ends with Advanced content, covering the full spectrum of proficiency levels.


LIVE Workshop

The course is taught LIVE with classroom style demonstrations and engagement with attendee question and answer sessions.


Example Files

You are have access to the same example files you see the instructor building during the course as you follow along. Use it as a template to help you get started.


Apply to Projects

A healthy mix of theory, case study and live demonstration is designed to help you apply what you learn right away.


Free and Open Source

The scripts, tools and underlying search engines are all free, open-source and customizable to your needs.

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