Motorway Mayhem by Oscar Frith

Oscar Frith is a recent graduate from the University of Manchester with a 2:1 predicted grade. He is currently looking for a Part I Architectural Assistant job in the UK, with a focus on larger commercial practices. He has interned at AECOM and WestonWilliamson for one month each, gaining experience in both masterplanning and infrastructure projects respectively. In addition to this, Oscar has seven years of professional 3D game design experience, where he has designed playable environments with villages, towns and cities.

Here is Oscar’s final 3rd year project labelled ‘Motorway Mayhem’. This project is a historical car museum set in the future where the use of the car has been eradicated due to modern transport technologies. This museum has an extensive array of all types of cars, each of which has a replica in one of the car towers available to drive. Situated on the now out of use M58 motorway, users are able to choose iconic cars from the past and race them on the empty roads.

The experience of the museum itself followed research done based on light’s effect on the brain as well as re- search on how to encourage movement and adventure. Creating a stark contrast in light and dark spaces coupled with open and enclosed spaces help to constantly provide new user experiences. The main route was designed to come back on itself many times throughout the journey in order to create a large array of different user perspectives. This helps to create a sense of anticipation and therefore encourages adventure.


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