A frank chat with Donia Khafaga, discussing the realities of being an International Student and VISA sponsored job seeker within the UK Architecture Job Market

Join me and Donia Khafaga discuss the awkward and interesting topic of trying to find work in the UK as an Architectural Professional with VISA requirements.

Often an uphill battle, Donia shows us an insight on how it feels as a job seeker with Tier 2 or 5 requirements to work in the UK. We discuss how hard it is to find a job within architecture realistically, all the while with a sense of humour, humility and humbleness.

On a personal note, I am proud to publish this as sometimes within recruitment it feels that discussing the realities of VISA requirements is a TABOO subject.

I know how many talented Architects have fought to work within the UK, and we know that RIBA has already acknowledged their stance that we need talent in the UK from international architects but the reality of job seeking for non-EU architects within the UK is brutally tough.

Join me and Donia for a frank, light-hearted chat on a difficult topic here:




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