"Rhino.Inside" by Performance Network

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Learn to run Grasshopper 3D inside Revit

Learning objectives

Here is what you will learn in the workshops

Session 1: Rhino Inside fundamentals (2 hours)

Initial presentation (30 minutes)

  • What is Rhino Inside?
  • Shortcomings of Dynamo
  • Strengths of Grasshopper
  • Learning Grasshopper
  • Key packages to leverage
  • Why use Rhino Inside?
  • What can Rhino Inside do?
  • Is Dynamo redundant now?

Getting started (10 minutes)

  • Rhino WIP vs Rhino 6
  • Licensing requirements
  • Installing Rhino Inside
  • Booting up Rhino Inside
  • Navigating the UI

Exercises (55 minutes)

  • Export Revit geometry (20 minutes, follow me)
  • Set parameters in façade panels (20 minutes, follow me)
  • Rhino mass to Revit levels/adaptive/floors (15 minutes, fully complete demo)

Further learning (5-10 minutes)

  • Grasshopper learning resources
  • RI learning resources
  • RI development team

Q&A (15-20 minutes)

Session 2: Rhino Inside for Revit model analysis (2 hours)

  • Initial presentation (25 minutes)
    Recap on previous
  • Dynamo/Grasshopper benchmarks
  • Revit Insight vs. Ladybug
  • Refinery vs. Galapagos
  • Dynashape vs. Kangaroo
  • Karamba
  • Direct shape limitations

Exercises (70 minutes)

  • Ladybug sun hour study (40 minutes)
  • Galapagos view optimisation study (15 minutes, fully complete demo)
  • Kangaroo tensile shade to adaptive (15 minutes, fully complete demo)

Further learning (5-10 minutes)

  • Ladybug learning resources
  • Generative design tools/resources
  • Kangaroo learning resources
  • Karamba

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