We all know the Architect from Architectural Digest and Grand Designs. They are the people who design amazing buildings that we see every day in our city, but what does it take to be one? What is their role? How much do they make?

And how can you become an Architect yourself? In this article, we will give you a full career guide to being an Architect so that you can find out if it’s right for you!

What characteristics make for a great Architect?

Architects play a crucial role in the world of design and construction. They are responsible for designing buildings, which means they need to have an eye for aesthetics and understand how structures function from both an architectural and safety perspective. Architects must work with engineers on technical drawings, be well-versed in legislation and regulations, have a good understanding of construction methods, and understand the codes for getting through building approval.

Architects need to be creative as well as practical with solid communication skills so that they can work effectively in teams to meet deadlines. Architects also need excellent technical drawing abilities (both manual drafting and computer-assisted) to create detailed and accurate drawings of their designs.

As well as being creative, an Architect needs to understand the construction process. They are detail orientated oriented people with a good understanding of mathematics, excellent hand/eye coordination for precision work, and a strong ability to quickly comprehend complex spatial relationships to design spaces efficiently.

On top of all this, an Architect also needs to be excellent communicators, both orally and in writing. Architects are imaginative thinkers with a wide range of interests and talents who create beautiful spaces that improve the quality of life for everyone they meet!

Don’t worry, these skills are developed over years of experience, so do not worry if you do not possess all of them straight away, this takes time and dedication!

Ok that’s a lot of responsibility and skills needed! So why should I become an Architect?

There are plenty of reasons: Architects will have the opportunity to be creative, solve problems, use their analytical skills and experience designing different types of architecture in all kinds of contexts.

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