Portfolio Design + Review, One Hour Coaching Session



When competing for a dream job, Stephen is your unfair advantage.


When you work with an expert coach, you get access to their guidance, knowledge and expertise, instead of spending valuable time figuring it out yourself. This saves you a lot of time, energy and money.


Stephen recently works In-House in an Architecture Practice in charge of recruitment as Head of Talent, he has worked also in the Architecture Industry as a Part II Architecture Assistant and successfully recruited for the world’s leading architecture practices for 7 years.


He has seen every side of the recruitment process, from being the hiring manager, the recruiter, and the job seeker in Architecture. This means that Stephen knows what it takes to be noticed above others, make a positive impression, and accelerate your career.


How can we help with your Portfolio?


To be invited for an interview, you need to wow the hiring manager with your portfolio’s design and content, highlighting your experience, personality, and skillsets. As well as that, you also need your portfolio to help you during an interview as well. The two formats are completely different and have subtle differences that can make the differences.


In our session, we will curate your concepts, projects, drawings, sketches and presentations with coherence and attention to detail into a portfolio that flows and is stimulating to read.


Together we can improve your existing portfolio or start creating an original portfolio tailored for you that highlights your best strengths and sets you apart from other candidates – demonstrating why they should hire YOU!


What do we cover in our Portfolio sessions?


  • Talk about what interviewers are looking for in your portfolio and what you want to achieve
  • An analysis and review of your existing portfolio, what works and what can be improved
  • Tailor your portfolio to suit your goals such as specific sectors or applying to particular practices
  • Layout and flow of portfolio in the correct order o grab employers attention in email as well as in the interview.
  • Improve the visual presentation so that it is striking
  • Discuss how to illustrate your professional, academic experience and skills


After our coaching sessions, you will be sent a video recording and audio transcription for you to review afterwards as well as access to the private coach’s cohort group on the Architecture Social.