‘VALLERE TOWER’’ by Panagiota Evelzaman

Panagiota Evelzaman is currently a Part II Architectural Assistant/Architect (ARB) looking for a job in London. She is a graduate of MSc in Sustainable Architecture studies at the University of Sheffield and has 1 year experience in industry at Archi-Toneltd as a Part 2.

Here is Panagiota's final design thesis ‘‘VALLERE TOWER’’ for a new business park at the west entrance of Thessaloniki, Greece all modelled in Revit, visualised in V-RAY”

You can contact her on Linkedin or over on www.architecturesocial.com


Stephen Drew

Stephen Drew

Stephen is the Head of Architecture and Design at Macdonald & Company and Founder of the Architecture Social with over six years of recruitment experience.

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