Our Social Value Policy

Our Social Value Policy


Architecture Social is committed to providing its services in a way that maximises the benefits to its local and regional communities. To achieve this, Architecture Social will assess Social Value in three aspects – Economic, Social and Environmental.


  • job creation/employing from a local community or disadvantaged groups
  • training and development opportunities/creation of apprenticeships;
  • prompt payment through the supply chains; and
  • advertising subcontracting opportunities to a diverse supply chain.


  • improving the physical and mental wellbeing of local people;
  • creating a diverse workforce for the delivery of services;
  • collaborating with the voluntary and community sectors;
  • monitoring labour standards through the supply chain; and
  • improving skills and access to digital technology.


  • water consumption management;
  • by having in place an environmental policy;
  • monitoring greenhouse gas emissions; and
  • reduction in waste to landfill.


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