Helping charities and giving back to the Architecture community

While the Architecture Social focuses on supporting people from our industry in finding the next step in their careers, we frequently collaborate and support several charities and noble causes who are actively making a difference in the Built Environment. Here are a few examples of our recent collaborations:

Architecture Philantrophy and Charity

Architects Benevolent Society

Offering confidential advice, support and financial assistance to the architectural community and their families in times of need.

The Architects Benevolent Society are here to support the architectural community; those who have had one year’s professional experience in the UK in architecture, architectural technology or landscape architecture, and their families. They can help in a range of ways during your working life or once you have retired.

When times get tough and things become overwhelming, they can help you get back on track, improve your quality of life and support you to manage or overcome physical or psychological stress.

The Founder of the Architecture Social is an Ambassador for the Architects Benevolent Society, raising awareness, funds and helping to organise events with the charity.


Build Studios

Collaborating for a better Built Environment.

Build Studios is a hub for the built environment which the Architecture Social is a member of. With events, education and co-working space, their aim is to inspire people about the built environment through collaboration and learning.

Working together with the Architecture Social, our social aims are:

  • Promote understanding about the built environment and educate young people about the range of careers available in the sector
  • Address persistent barriers to access and diversity within the sector for ethnic minorities, women, under-represented groups and those from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds
  • Inspire young people to address key challenges facing the built environment through education and public awareness

Article 25

A humanitarian architecture charity. We use design to improve health, livelihoods and resilience to disasters.

Article 25 is an architecture charity based in London. They use design to improve health, livelihood and resilience to disasters. Driven by Article 25 of United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which states that everyone has the right to adequate and dignified shelter. Their vision is of a world where all communities have access to better housing, safe school buildings and effective clinics and hospitals, and we provide the skills and knowledge needed to make this a reality.

“We have worked on more than 90 projects in 34 countries, making us the most far-reaching architectural NGO in the world. Our projects are delivered with in-country partners to ensure that local knowledge and relationships are maximised, and that projects are sustainable even after our involvement has ended. “

Check out our podcasts, livestreams and articles working with industry charities here: