Ready to promote the hottest new Architecture platform?

Your friends, colleagues, followers and employers will love it when they try one of the many Architecture Social services for the first time, and you’ll earn 30% commission on any one-off product or service purchase in our marketplace (excluding NFTs and Physical Merchandise such as clothing).

How the Affiliate Program for subscriptions and shop purchases works

1) Get an Unique Link or make a Custom URL.

Sign up to be a Partner and you’ll get a unique referral link that tracks who clicked and signed up.

2) Share your link and your own coupon code.

Refer the Architecture Social to your friends, followers, and clients and they’ll get 10% off the first time they purchase any of our products using your own personal coupon code.

3) Earn Commission.

Every month your referrals’s subscription renews, you’ll get 30% recurring commission for life.

Earn 30% of each purchase!

When someone who clicked on your link signs up within 30 days, we’ll send you payments for 30% commission. It’s that simple!

Affiliate Partner Program

Boost Your Passive Income Every Time You Refer The Architecture Social

Your friends, colleagues, followers and employers will love it when they try one of the many Architecture Social services for the first time, and you’ll earn 30% commission on any eligible purchase.

Questions about the Affiliate Program

There are no caps! You’ll get paid 30% recurring commission for life.

Here’s some quick goals for you to picture the possibilities:

1 Career Coaching Session = £120 at 30% equals an approximate payout of £36 per session.

1 Featured Job Posting = £50 at 30% equals an approximate payout of £15

No. Unfortunately, self-referrals are strictly prohibited. The aim of a referral program is to encourage affiliates and ambassadors to spread the word about our product(s), not to get discounts. You can recommend a product to your colleague or employer, so if you work in an Architecture Practice and you recommend your hiring manager to use our job board using your link, then that is absolutely fine. You just can’t advertise a company that you own with your own link.

The best kind of affiliate marketing is authentic recommendations to an audience that knows you. When you become an affiliate partner, you’ll get access to a marketing swipe file full of official videos, ads, emails, and social media posts to share.

If you are running paid search campaigns, the only targeting restriction is you are not allowed to bid on branded keyword search terms such as “Architecture Social” or “Architecture Social Jobs”

Do not impersonate Architecture Social or try and trick people into thinking your company is Architecture Social. If you do, you will receive a cease and desist letter and be banned from the partner program.

We do not accept all applications to be affiliates. Increase your chances by filling out all answers such as including your LinkedIn and website.

The Architecture Social Partner Program is for people who have an audience and want to promote on an ongoing basis.

Partner applications are vetted and accepted/declined 1-2 times per week. Apply here.

The referral cookie life is 30 days. If a user purchases the product past 30 days from the first referred visit, the conversion won’t be tracked anymore.

1. Net-30
2. Commissions due exceeds £50.
3. First week of the month

In the first week of every month, we pay out all commissions that are at least £50 and for sign ups that happened at least 30 days prior.

Example: An affiliate named “Ross” refers his client “Rachel” who starts her subscription for £100 on March 20th.

On April 20th (30 days after payment) Rachel’s payment has not been disputed or refunded, so Ross’s commission of £33 (30% of £100) moves from “Pending” to “Due”.

On May 1st, Ross only has £33 in commissions which is less than the £50 needed to get paid.

However, throughout April, Ross referred 2 other clients whose pending commission are about to be due!

On June 1st, Ross now has 3 commissions of £33 totalling £99, which is greater than £50, so he is paid out all his commissions via PayPal.

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