Announcement: Tom Egerton joins the Architecture Social!

It has been three years since setting up the Architecture Social’s community forum during a pandemic on my own, however three years on I am excited to announce that we have grown to a team of… well, three!

Please join us in throwing a huge virtual welcome to the awesome Tom Egerton, our brand-new Events + Marketing Manager!

Some of you might recognize Tom’s name, as he’s spent more than three years knocking it out of the park at the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).

There, he was pivotal in cool events like Future Leaders, Guerrilla Tactics, and the Smart Practice Conference as well as a key member of RIBA’s Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Working Group and managed the Large Practice Expert Advisory Group.

What is also useful is that Tom also gets the nitty-gritty of behind the scenes in looking for a job because he’s also worked in an Architecture Recruitment Agency.

We are going to begin creating more content and community engagement over on the Architecture Social, however do reach out to Tom Egerton or Hannah Funnell to say hello!