Interview Questions to Test Your Experience

Interview Questions for Assessing Experience in Job Candidates

Why You Need to Demonstrate Your Experience

Architecture jobs vary greatly between companies, so when you go for our interview it’s essential that you demonstrate to the hiring manager that you have had experience with the tasks required in the specific role for which you are applying. Regardless of education, great Architects and Designers have excellent problem-solving skills. They deal well with pressure, and think logically as well as creatively. You’ll need to demonstrate all these skills as you discuss your experience in the interview.

Your experience will cover a range of tasks and demonstrate you are both responsible and accountable. When interviewing you, hiring managers want to find out how your experience will benefit them in the role they have available. As a high-stress job with fast decision-making required, they need to ensure that if they hire you, you will be able to cope with the demands of the role. 

What Your Interviewer Really Wants to Know

Experience questions are asked during interviews for employers to get a deeper understanding of your work experience, and how it relates to the vacant designer job they wish to fill.

Your previous experience could prove that you will be a valuable addition to the company, because you have the necessary skills to take on the architecture role. Your interviewer is looking for you to demonstrate how your previous experience has prepared you for the role, and to get an understanding of your approach to the job.

Example Experience Interview Questions

Your interviewer will ask you about your previous experience in your interview. Some examples of questions they may ask you include:

  • “Describe your previous role to me.”
  • “How has your previous experience prepared you for this role?”
  • “How does your experience make you qualified for this role?”
  • “Does your experience match that needed to take on this role?”
  • “Are you qualified for this role?”

How to Answer Interview Questions about Experience

The best way to respond is to detail your responsibilities in your previous role, and show how they match to the role for which you have applied. If you were meeting the Project Manager or client to discuss your new proposal then mention these accomplishments. 

Tie your previous responsibilities and experience to the tasks and responsibilities given in the job description. Demonstrate to the interviewer that you have the qualifications necessary and the formal training to take on the role. Focus on the training and tasks that specifically relate to the requirements of the vacant role.

Example of a Great Answer

“Years of experience working at Architecture Practices have prepared me well for this position. I have overseen RIBA Stages 1-6, completed design work, and understand the importance of modelling the project in BIM”

Why it Works

The answer references specific examples that are related to the job role for which you are applying. It proves that you understand the responsibilities of the role, and that you can leverage your previous experience to make informed decisions that will add value to the hiring company.

Tips for Answering Experience Questions

Statistics Can Persuade

Showing the return on investment and giving time savings or monetary value to the tasks you oversaw can help convince employers of your skills and experience – and provide evidence that you are detail-oriented.

Prepare Multiple Answers

Have more than one example of how your previous experience makes you qualified for the role. The interviewer may ask you about your experience more than once and expect you to show different examples. The topic of the interview may also change tack, and you may need to prove your experience in another area of the job role.

Read the Job Description

Make sure that you reread the job description and understand what experience the hiring company is looking for before you attend the interview. The roles of Architects can vary, and understanding the responsibilities of the role you are applying for can help you understand how to match your experience to potential interview questions.


Architecture jobs are high-stress and demanding. Employers take the time during an interview to build a picture of your experience to ensure you can handle the responsibilities of the role. Thoroughly read the job description, think of questions you may be asked, and prepare answers with multiple examples. Do this, and during the interview you will show how your previous roles have given you the relevant experience for the vacant role – and this will improve your chances of getting the job offer your experience deserves.