Networking in Architecture

Networking in Architecture

Job hunting

Job hunting is not an isolated process. People you know can connect you to people they know. By developing relationships with others, who can offer advice, keep their eyes out for opportunities, pass on your information or even put you in touch with potential employers, you are increasing your chances of finding employment dramatically.

Slowly build your reputation.

If you get the chance to develop your work experience you need to enhance your credibility as a future architect. Small things like acting on your promises, always being on time and being smart in your appearance all go towards building your reputation. Failure to live up to these minimal expectations could kill any potential long-term relationships quickly.

Social networking.

Online networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter or Linkedln are very useful for meeting new people and extending your working connections. Post relevant articles, comment on architectural links, industry changes and latest news to show your engagement with significant issues within the architecture network. Writing original articles or posting commentary keeps you in other people’s minds, shows your value and enables them to see how passionate you are about your industry.

Reach out to others

Your network is your biggest asset, reach out and touch base with friends, professionals and colleagues. If you would like to give us a call we are also able to update on on the latest opportunities, drop me an email at [email protected] or on 02070825787

Sign up to trusted mailing lists and follow others

It is worth subscribing to mailing lists of trustworthy sources of information relevant to Architecture. You can follow us on several social media platforms where we can update you on the latest jobs, news, useful tips and networking events you can sign up here:


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