Preparing your Architecture Portfolio

Preparing your Architecture Portfolio

First impressions

If your CV is the hook that captures the interest, and your covering letter is what makes you seem like a worthy candidate, it’s your portfolio that proves it.

Some potential employers may ask to see work examples before taking your application further. It is more common, however, that you’ll only need to show a portfolio in an interview, where it will then become a prompt for much of the discussion. So make sure you’ve got plenty to say about your own work.

A portfolio should contain only the strongest examples of your work. Show a good variety of what you’ve done, displaying sketches, detailed drawings and images of completed projects.

As well as a tangible portfolio, your work should also be digitally scanned or photographed so that it can be uploaded online if required.

Make it look good

It is entirely up to you how you choose to organise your portfolio, but it should be arranged logically. Whether it’s ordered chronologically or according to themes, it needs to be tidy, look smart and flow well.

Make it professional

Try to create a brand throughout your cover letter, CV and portfolio. Make sure every project feels like it’s from the same portfolio. Use the same font colours and scale images to the same size. These consistencies will impress potential employers; giving you more appeal as an architect

Ask others for advice

It is always good to get advice on your portfolio from someone who has experience in Architecture or has seen several architectural portfolios. I am here to help if you would like to ask for my opinion, you can contact Stephen Drew on the community.


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