Architecture Careers in the Metaverse

Architecture Careers in the Metaverse

Good news, everyone! Super excited to be representing the Architecture community in LinkedIn’s Creator Accelerator programme for the UK.

Often we’ve explored together Architecture Careers in the industry for the Built Environment that we all live in, I thought wouldn’t it be cool to explore together the careers of Architecture Professionals who are building the digitals worlds in the upcoming metaverse (or metaverses. There’s a few, I think… We will find out together!)

guerrillabuzz blockchain pr agency 104wtyhjfpa unsplash

Come along for the ride where we will explore the role of an Architectural professional in creating these digital words, who are already building these online virtual environments and what skills and tools are needed to create them.

Let me know your thoughts, and suggestions and do follow this space! Strap in, and buckle up while we jack into the matrix.

Find out more about the LinkedIn Creator Accelerator Programme here:

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