A List of Demands to RIBA from the Future Architects Front.

Last Friday I sat down with Charlie Edmonds, pioneer of the Future Architect Front which is a campaign to end the exploitation of Future Architects.

We discuss the following list of demands in an open, frank and explicit chat:

  • End unpaid overtime in all RIBA chartered practices. 
  •  Provide effective oversight on the Architectural Assistant role. 
  •  Greater transparency in the RIBA’s budget and spending decisions. 
  •  Establish a more representative governing body. 
  •  Accountability for exploitative work environments. 

Do you agree that RIBA needs to take accountability or that the problem in Architecture Culture is bigger than RIBA itself? Either way, can we ignore these problems such as unpaid overtime any longer?

Now more than ever, get involved in the debate. Share your thoughts with the trailblazers at the Future Architects Front on Instagram using @fa.front

You can read the open letter and can also find the petition here: https://linktr.ee/future_architects_front.




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