How can graphic design and branding enhance the built environment? .ft Chris Ritter at C-90



How can graphic design and branding enhance the built environment? 

Often we discuss the importance of the architectural design within a project, or perhaps the structural engineering and mechanical engineering as critical components to the success of an architectural project – however, I’ve often wondered how graphic design and branding can enhance architectural projects and the built environment? 

I am joined by Chris Ritter, a Director of C-90, a creative agency and culture lab serving clients that need to be noticed to explore this subject. 

Northern Michigan University (NMU) recently asked C-90 to create a visual identity to increase their visibility and public awareness; it presented a fascinating design problem. 

Join us in an open discussion on how C-90 approached the brief of enhancing the built environment of NMU and the broader question of how graphic design and branding can improve the built environment. 

Find more about C-90 here:


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