I’m an underpaid and overworked Architect… GET ME OUT OF HERE!

I'm an underpaid and overworked Architect... GET ME OUT OF HERE!

Have you ever been working midnight hours in the office to meet a deadline and quietly thought to yourself, “What am I doing with my life?”. 

OK, that’s kind of dramatic. Perhaps you’ve seen your friend who works in the real estate industry’s new Tesla and thought, “I could never afford that!”. 

OK ok… that is unrealistic. Who would buy a tesla with the current energy rates anywho?! 

Perhaps your energy provider has sent you a recent energy plan renewal at 3,500,000% of the original, and you’ve thought “is there any other way to put my good skills to use to earn a few extra pounds so I can charge my phone!?” 

You may or may not be aware that some Architectural Professionals have transitioned into other jobs in different sectors such as Property Development, working for a Main Contractor or other creative industries such as journalism. On tonight’s podcast, I am joined by Julia Adler (Senior BIM Manager at Mace), Bharat Pankhania (Senior Design Manager at Laing O’Rourke), Giorgio Lo Porto (BIM Manager at Mace), as well as the fantastic Michael Hudson (Digital Building Expert at Turner & Townsend) in an open and unscripted discussion. 

Join us where I will be asking our guests about… how the journey was moving away from traditional Architecture, if the working conditions and rewards are any different and if there is anything they miss after the transition. As well as any other interesting questions from the audience. 


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