Is Architecture REALLY accessible for all to study and practice in reality? ft. Sumita Singha



With the cost of living crisis, rising costs to study architecture, and living in a post-Brexit world (for all of our UK listeners), a key question that comes to mind is whether Architecture REALLY is accessible for all to study and practice in reality anymore? 

To help delve deeper into this ongoing quandary I am lucky enough this week to be joined by Sumita Singha, a chartered architect, author and teacher, with a passion for the environment, equity and ethics who received an OBE for services to architecture in 2021.

Keen to support the next generation of architects she has lectured on architecture and technical design for over 25 years in the UK and abroad. 

As part of seeing more inclusion and equity in the profession, she set up Architects For Change, the equality forum at RIBA, and chaired Women in Architecture as well as being a co-founder of Asian Architects CIC.

Her own experiences of disability have given me an awareness of the importance of patient-focused healthcare as well as becoming a  Non-Executive Director in the NHS for nine years.


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