Sana Tabassum, :scale

Launching our community spotlight podcast, Stephen Drew from the Architecture Social and Sara Tabassum from :scale sit down to have a chat, discuss all the great things that Sana is up to and share with you all that is awesome about :scale.

Sana is a community member of Architecture Social with her own group. You can find her on or at her own fantastic website which is



The Evolution of Architectural Communication: A Conversation with Sana of Scale

In our recent discussion on the Architecture Social, Stephen Drew had the pleasure of interviewing Sana, the founder of Scale, an innovative platform reshaping how architectural knowledge and experiences are shared. This conversation offers a glimpse into the evolving landscape of architectural communication and the role of digital platforms in fostering a community of learning and exchange.

The Birth of Scale: Filling the Knowledge Gap

Sana’s journey with Scale began shortly after her graduation from the University of Greenwich. Recognizing a gap in resources available to architecture students, particularly in their early years, Sana embarked on creating a blog aimed at sharing tutorials and articles to aid their learning process. Scale evolved from a simple blog into a community-based platform, inviting students to contribute their opinions and experiences, thus enriching the learning experience for others.

A Multi-Faceted Digital Presence

Scale’s presence isn’t confined to just a blog; it extends across various digital mediums. With an active and engaging Instagram account and a burgeoning magazine, Scale reaches its audience where they are most active. The platform’s growth into different mediums highlights the importance of adaptability and presence across various channels in today’s digital age.

The Power of Community and Collaboration

Central to Scale’s ethos is the idea of community and collaboration. Sana emphasizes the platform’s commitment to not just providing content but also engaging with the audience to create a dialogue. This approach is reflected in Scale’s method of sourcing content, where guest authors are encouraged to contribute, thereby fostering a sense of ownership and community among its audience.

Adapting to Professional Life

As Sana transitions into her part one job, Scale faces a new chapter. The platform, which has so far been a reflection of Sana’s student life and perspectives, will inevitably evolve to mirror her experiences in the professional world. This evolution is not seen as a challenge but as an exciting opportunity to expand the platform’s relevance and reach.

The Mad Collective: A Unifying Force

An exciting development in Scale’s journey is its participation in the Mad Collective, a collaborative effort among various content creators in the architecture space. This initiative is a testament to the power of collaboration and the shared vision of improving the architectural discourse globally. The Mad Collective’s focus on addressing common challenges faced by architects worldwide highlights the universal nature of these issues.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Scale

As Scale continues to grow, its future seems promising. The upcoming launch of its magazine is a significant milestone, combining digital reach with the tactile experience of a physical publication. This blend of digital and physical mediums caters to a diverse audience and reaffirms the importance of varied forms of communication in architecture.


Sana’s journey with Scale exemplifies the dynamic nature of architectural communication in the digital age. By embracing digital platforms and fostering a community of shared learning, Scale is not just a resource but a beacon for aspiring architects. It represents the shift towards a more inclusive, collaborative, and accessible architectural discourse.