The Importance and Difference Between Marketing and Sales in Architecture, ft. Paul Iddon




Paul Iddon is one of those fantastic treasures in the industry with a wealth of knowledge and experience that you know if you had a few beers down the pub with after work with a few hours spare, you’d be in for a good time. 

An architect, former practice owner and marketeer, and Vice President of Manchester Society of Architects. 

In this conversation, we cover the difference between marketing and selling, and the importance of both in the role of a job seeker to secure a position, as a practising professional to climb up the career ladder as well as a business owner’s to get yourself out there to win more work. 

As well as practical examples on why you need to learn to sell and how we discuss how the Manchester Society of Architects manages to fill events in a saturated market as well as other tips and tricks from the marketing guru himself. 

Paul’s field of expertise is helping manufacturers communicate intelligently and efficiently with architects and specifiers. He looks for new, effective ways of approaching Brand Positioning, Strategic Processes and Activation. 

You can reach out and contact Paul here: