What is it like to work at HLW Architects? Ft. Bronte Turner

The Evolving World of Architecture: Insights from Bronte Turner of HLW


In a recent episode of the Architecture Social’s podcast, we had the pleasure of hosting Bronte Turner, Managing Director at HLW, a global architecture firm with a rich history and a forward-thinking approach. This blog post aims to distill the key insights from our conversation, shedding light on the evolving landscape of architecture and design.

HLW: A Legacy of Innovation

HLW, founded in 1885 in New York, stands as one of the oldest architecture firms in the world. Bronte Turner highlighted HLW’s commitment to staying relevant and evolving alongside society’s needs. With a legacy that includes working with Alexander Bell on his telephone exchanges, HLW continues to work with cutting-edge clients across various sectors, including technology and finance.

The London Chapter

In London, where HLW has been present for about 30 years, the focus has been on reflecting the city’s dynamic nature. The work here spans financial and technology sectors, along with base build repositioning, addressing current client and end-user needs.

Bronte Turner’s Journey

Bronte, an Australian interior designer by trade, shared her journey to HLW. Her passion for travel and curiosity about design in different cultures led her to London in 2005. Her story is a testament to the diverse and international nature of the architecture industry.

HLW’s Approach to Design

HLW’s design philosophy is encapsulated in their motto: “Our work tells your story.” This client-centric approach ensures that each project is unique and tailored to the client’s needs. Bronte emphasized the importance of sustainability and ethical considerations in their projects.

Challenges for Graduates and New Architects

A significant part of the discussion revolved around the challenges faced by graduates entering the architecture field. The rising costs of education and living, especially in cities like London, pose significant hurdles. Bronte and Stephen discussed the importance of internships and apprenticeships in providing valuable experience and easing the financial burden on new architects.

HLW’s Work Culture and Projects

The conversation also delved into HLW’s work culture, which is characterized by diversity, collaboration, and a blend of large-firm resources with small-firm agility. Bronte highlighted some of HLW’s projects, like the King Fisher offices in London, which achieved a 78% reduction in embodied carbon, and the offices for Roku in Cambridge, which won a BCO Regional award.


Our engaging discussion with Bronte Turner provided a window into the world of modern architecture and design, as seen through the lens of one of the industry’s most enduring firms. Her insights into HLW’s approach to design, the challenges facing new architects, and the importance of a supportive and dynamic work culture offer valuable lessons for professionals in the field.

To delve deeper into these insights and learn more from Bronte Turner, watch the full video of our conversation. For more curated content tailored to architecture students and professionals, visit www.architecturesocial.com.