What on earth is an Executive Architect? Ft. Design Delivery Unit at Scott Brownrigg

Exploring the Future of Architecture: Insights from the Design Delivery Unit of Scott Brownrigg

In a recent episode of the Architecture Social’s Podcast, hosted by Stephen Drew, two distinguished guests from the Design Delivery Unit of Scott Brownrigg shared their insights and experiences in the field of architecture. The episode, rich with discussions about the challenges and opportunities in contemporary architectural practice, offers valuable perspectives for architecture professionals.

The Guests: Neil Morgan Collins and Benny O’Looney

Neil Morgan Collins, a director at Scott Brownrigg, heads up the Design Delivery Unit. With over 15 years of experience at Scott Brownrigg, starting as a Part II, Neil has progressed through various roles, leading him to his current position. His journey reflects a deep engagement with the technical and delivery aspects of architecture.

Albena Atanassova, a Project Director at the Design Delivery Unit, has been with Scott Brownrigg for nearly a decade. His career trajectory, from education to overseeing projects on site, highlights a passion for the practical and construction aspects of architecture.

Key Topics Discussed

  1. Challenges with Existing Building Stock: The conversation delved into the complexities of working with existing buildings, especially those that are listed. The guests discussed the technical challenges and constraints that arise in such projects, emphasizing the need for innovative solutions.
  2. New Build Developments: While the Design Delivery Unit handles various projects, there is a notable focus on new build developments, particularly on Brownfield sites. This area presents its own set of challenges and opportunities for architectural innovation.
  3. The Building Safety Act: A significant topic of discussion was the Building Safety Act. Neil Morgan Collins expressed enthusiasm about the act’s potential to bring about a cultural change within architectural practices. He emphasized the importance of compliance and project management, viewing the act as a catalyst for elevating industry standards.
  4. Collaboration and Complexity in Architecture: Both guests highlighted the increasing complexity in the field, necessitating collaboration and a multidisciplinary approach. The discussion touched on the importance of coding, scripting, and using tools like Revit for efficient project management.
  5. Personal Qualities and Skills in Architecture: The conversation also covered the qualities and skills that are valuable in contemporary architectural practice. Attention to detail, proficiency in tools like Revit, and a passion for continuous learning were emphasized. The guests also stressed the importance of a zero-ego approach and teamwork in delivering successful projects.


The episode with Neil Morgan Collins and Albena Atanassova from the Design Delivery Unit of Scott Brownrigg offers a deep dive into the evolving landscape of architecture. Their insights shed light on the challenges and opportunities facing today’s architecture professionals, emphasizing the need for adaptability, technical proficiency, and a collaborative spirit.

For a more comprehensive understanding of these insights and to delve deeper into the world of architecture, viewers are encouraged to watch the full interview on YouTube. Additionally, for more curated content tailored to architecture students and professionals, visit www.architecturesocial.com.