Ballarat Barn by Eliza Blair Architecture

What was the brief?

With three children growing up fast, the clients were ready to extend their home, and open it up to their generous north-facing backyard. Being a sporty family, they also wanted to incorporate a generous garage big enough for all their outdoor gear, as well as housing a teenager loft space at the top. The clients asked for a design that respected the original heritage home and was keen to explore a pitched roof and textured materials.

What were the key challenges?

A mature silver birch tree needed to be retained, with the design working around the tree.

Key products used:

Cladding: Nullabor Terracotta roof tiles in Titan, by Monier Roofing.

Cladding: Silvertop Ash shiplap cladding from Everists Timber, stained in Porters Palm Beach black.

Ceiling lining: Australian Sustainable Hardwoods Goodwood Shiplap lining boards stained with Porters white wood wash.

Bathroom tiles: Urban Ivory porcelain tiles from Arte Domus.

What were the solutions?

The design centers around the existing mature silver birch tree. Two barn pavilions are arranged around this tree, one containing the new kitchen, dining, and living area, and the other containing the garage, shed, and carport. With the benefit of a wide north-facing block, the addition has a full-width wall of glazing to capture the views of the garden and that special tree. The shingles and timber cladding combine to add texture and layers, distinguishing the addition from the original weatherboard home.

This home will transform the way the owners live, helping them celebrate that special tree and the simple joys of family life.


Completion date2021
Building levels1

Project team

Eliza Blair ArchitectureArchitect
Hayden Bromley BuildingBuilder
Shannon McGrathPhotographer


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