People’s Permitted Development by Anthoula Kyriakidi

Anthoula Kyriakidi has recently completed her Part II at Kingston University in London and is currently looking for a Part II Architectural Assistant placement in the UK. Anthoula is an EU citizen with a Right to Work in the UK under the Eu Settlement Scheme with almost 2 years of experience working in a UK practice. She is a hard-working and creative person with a keen eye for detail.

Her dissertation on how adaptive reuse could provide a pathway to a circular economy in the built environment has just been awarded a distinction and directly reflects her main interests in sustainable architecture.

Here is Anthoula’s final year masters project called ‘People’s Permitted Development.’ The project acts as an alternative to the cynical office conversion under Permitted Development. This will be taking form as a Community Land Trust, and a Co-operative and Community asset.

It is a response to the small, slum-like housing created via developers’ abuse of the Permitted Development Right, encouraged by higher profit.

The project takes shape via the act of cutting an existing robust structure to avoid new-build. It acts as a guide towards a response to the London Housing Crisis, the imminent climate change and the fact that we need to stop building.

The site and existing building chosen is Terminus House in Harlow, Essex. This office building was adapted to inadequate studio apartments via the Permitted Development Right. The brief is taking this building and redesigning it to form a more suitable living area for a variety of people currently struggling. The tenants of Terminus House currently consist of people in various ethnic groups with a range of backgrounds but all share the need of social housing. The existing conditions have significantly increased the criminal activity in this PDR project and around the area. Some tenants suffer from severe mental illness and others are in need of significant medical care which is currently not provided.

The adaptive reuse of this existing office building will take the form of a city within a city. It will take shape as a multi-generational housing complex consisting of social and affordable housing units with the carpark providing space for amenities needed by the residents. This could range from daily farmers’ markets to various classes to develop much-needed skills.

This will also provide a space for the voluntary organizations active in the area to be able to deliver their planned cooking classes and mental health therapy sessions on-site. The aim is to create a social atmosphere where people can easily form a community and receive the care they need.

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