Why are most Architecture Practices’ websites COMPLETELY USELESS !

Why are most Architecture Practices’ websites COMPLETELY USELESS !

If you’ve ever been job seeking, you’ve probably looked at over a hundred Architecture Practice’s online which includes scrolling through their websites.

Some are an absolute job, with beautiful images and a great user interface which glides you from one project to another with a gentle touch.

The vast majority of Architecture Practices’ websites on the other hand deserve to be taken to the Web-design JAIL for serial offences such as slow-loading websites, unclear menu structure, absolutely empty Archi-Jargon, HUGE image or even hidden contact details.

These are a few, there’s a lot of others. I’m joined from across the pond, Bryon McCartney who is co-founder of ArchMark

Together we will discuss:

  • How branding and marketing makes firms more resilient in a recession
  • Blogging to build your reputation and reach
    and perhaps most importantly of all what his team learned from evaluating more than 600 architecture firm websites.


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