Time to Rebuild the House of Architecture?

Time to Rebuild the House of Architecture?

It was great to get a shout-out in Oliver Wainwright‘s Guardian article yesterday about the Royal Institute of British Architect’s (RIBA) new President-Elect, Muyiwa Oki.


“Fuelled by an energetic social media campaign and independent hustings organised by the website Architecture Social, at which Oki was selected, the radical network of pressure groups succeeded in mobilising a younger generation of architects – overworked, underpaid and thirsty for change – to make themselves known at the ballot box.”

I’m slightly biased on this one, however, I believe he is an awesome chap and it was good to be along for the ride!

Indeed, we are “thirsty for change”, and Muyiwa has played a blinder tonight by providing something for us to toast towards!

He has turned up at the RIBA’s Headquarters based in 66 Portland Place, London for the prestigious Stirling Prize, with Bartlett whistle-blower Eleni Kyriacou as his plus one!

Not only has he done that, but they are also BOTH wearing from her collection inspired by the trauma of Bartlett students which she was banned from photographing at RIBA’s Headquarters.

Eleni works in a very sustainable way, so it’s good to see his support for students, sustainability and inclusion of unheard voices in the very institution which has failed to do any of those things effectively in architecture so far, despite moments of brilliance from some committed individuals, Marsha Ramroop FRSA FIEDP being one – check out our podcast with her here.

We hope there’s more of this to come, but hats off to him – what a way to set the tone of his upcoming Presidency!

What are your thoughts? Is it time to rebuild the House of Architecture, or do you think this is a step too far or too little too late?

Let us know what your thoughts are by sharing your comments below.

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