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Sustainability & Environmental Design

Do you know what I love about sustainable architecture? It’s a way to maximize the positive impact of buildings on its environment and minimize any

Student Projects

Whether you’re looking for an audience to show off your end of year projects, or just want a new space where people can engage with

Podcasts, Livestreams & Webinars

The Architecture Social is proud to present their very own podcast, webinars and live streams! Watch as members of our community share their favourite podcasts

Parametric & Computational Design

The Architecture Social is a place for those who are curious or passionate about Computational Design to share ideas, work and thoughts. It’s great way

Model Making

Model making has always been a favorite pastime of mine. Although there are many ways to make models, the Architecture Social is a place where

Learning, Training, Tips & Resources

Share your quick tips and learn new techniques that will help you become a better architectural designer here on the Architecture Social. It’s no secret

Architecture Events

What events are you attending this month? You can share your favourite events with the Architecture Social and find out what’s going on in other

Community News, Polls and Information

Interested in the Architecture Social community? Join us for discussions, new ideas, announcements and updates about our great group. Hanging out with friends and meeting


You can find a wide variety of Architecture Competitions on the Architecture Social community forum, including our own monthly competitions to improve your skills and