Westminster Architecture Society

The voice for all students in the School of Architecture at the University of Westminster.

We are Westminster Architecture Society (WAS), the voice for all students in the School of Architecture. WAS aims to host a number of events which help to enrich the student experience such as student debates, lectures from internal and external guests, and other types of celebratory events. WAS is a co-founder of the London Architecture Schools Collective (LASC), which aims to unify the ideas of the various Schools of Architecture across London. MegaCrits are an example of what WAS and LASC can do to create change within the architectural community.

We aim to bring students from all ends of the spectrum together, sharing the diverse knowledge that we have. Students all have a wealth of knowledge and we try to bring people together to share this. Debates are an event in which we have made this possible.

In a now digital world we want to use this platform to share what we are up to and hopefully arrange some great events!