Delivering Talent through intelligence and data to drive business growth

With over 10 years experience of working in recruitment and supporting the talent strategies of businesses across various industries, we have learned how to harness data-driven insights that can help you make better hiring decisions.

We use data and our experience to help you find and keep the talent. Whether it’s diversifying your workforce, growing a team or in-demand skills – we can make sure that hiring and retention strategies thrive usingĀ a data-led approach andĀ our industry knowledge.

Salary and Benefits Benchmarking

Using a combination of our own recruitment data, publicly available insights and the knowledge of our recruitment experts, We can provide detailed salary and benefits benchmarking by industry and role to attract the best talent.

Recruitment Strategy

Our team has worked both in-house as hiring managers as well as recruitment consultants. Using this knowledge, together we will create a strategy in place to define how your company is going to attract the best talent and a practical plan that you can put in action.

Employee retention strategy

As employees are the life-blood of all creative companies, once you have attracted the best talent it makes sense to practical steps in place to keep people in your business for as long as possible. Establishing an employee retention strategy is the best foot forward in defining your office culture and retaining staff.

Talent & Market Mapping

Using our data, resources and reach in the market we are able to identify and appeal to in-demand creatives, uncover "hidden-gem" individuals with valuable skillsets and also identify the best professionals from the competition that would be an excellent addition to your company.

Industry + Competitor Insights

Attracting the best talent is highly competitive, therefore it makes sense to identify professionals are looking for in employers and compare your strongest and weakest offerings to your competitors to ensure you attract and retain the best talent. Learn what professionals value most in an employer, how your brand is perceived in the market, changes needed to attract the best talent as well as key hiring trends within your industry.

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