We did it! I’ve been elected to the RIBA Council on September 2021

We did it! I've been elected to the RIBA Council on September 2021

Last Friday, I found out the awesome news that I have been elected unopposed to the RIBA Council for a one-year term starting on 1 September 2021. Woohooo!

If you asked me one year ago when setting up the Architecture Social in the midst of furlough, I would never have predicted that in September I would be representing YOU on the RIBA Council in the Associate seat.

Here is the statement I made:

Are you a RIBA Associate or Student Member who wants to be heard and have someone represent you at the RIBA Council who wants to make an impact with positive change?

I am Stephen Drew, an Associate member of RIBA who has worked for several years in the Architecture Industry; last year I set up the Architecture Social community during the pandemic.

The driving force behind the Architecture Social was to empower Architecture students and professionals during an uncertain time to find jobs in the Architecture Industry against all odds.

By coming together as a community on the Architecture Social and creating something from nothing, many students successfully found jobs in the industry. We have already made a difference, now let’s continue this mission within RIBA.

I have been in your position as an Architectural Assistant, and I remember feeling unacknowledged or forgotten in the past. “What is the point? Who cares what I think?”.

Well, I care! And I’m not afraid to challenge the status quo and have difficult conversations if we believe they will change RIBA for the better.

The Future Architects Front has made incredible progress and raised industry awareness of problems such as prolific unpaid overtime, which is now under consultation. I want to be sitting on the RIBA Council and make sure important causes such as these actually go through consultation and are not forgotten.

Architecture is a great profession, and it’s an exciting time to be in the industry. We can make a change; let’s start improving the studio culture for all today.

Whether you are a chartered Architect, an Associate or a Student Member within RIBA, I would be proud to speak on your behalf as part of the RIBA Council.

Let’s make a change within RIBA together

I want to thank those in particular who supported me by nominating me for the position: Naomi De Graaf, Jason Boyle, Christopher Hartiss, Yogesh Mistry, Benjamin Champion, David Drews, Natalie Gall, Daniel Madeiros, Lisa Raynes, and Paola Salis.

As well as the kickass people above, I have a big thanks to the Architecture Social community. You know who you are, and yes, you are all awesome, inspirational and cheers to you for your belief.

There is so much to do, I have many ideas and look forward to September with an open mind.

Meanwhile, drop me a message with your thoughts on what needs to change within RIBA. I’m listening. As well as that, you can find all the other candidates who you can vote to represent you in RIBA here: https://secure.cesvotes.com/V3-1-0/riba2021/en/home


Stephen Drew