WOW! IT’S HAPPENING… Architecture Workers initiate the UK’s first STRIKE against the management team of their practice

Breaking news this morning has been released from UVW-SAW, a newly-formed grassroots trade union for architectural workers in the U.K, that employees of Atomik Architecture (who are members of trade union) have notified their employer of their intention to ballot for strike action following unsuccessful months of dialogue with management.

The Demands

What the workers of Atomik Architecture are demanding is as follows:

1. A pay increase of 10% (at the time in-line with inflation), or to receive a 7% increase with a model of profit-sharing to be negotiated.

2. Reduced working hours – to reflect industry norms by reducing hours from 9-6 to 9-5.

3. Flexible working arrangements – 2 days of remote working per week.

4. Paid training – currently CPDs are required to be taken during unpaid lunch breaks.

5. Trade union recognition – so that workers are collectively negotiated on pay and other changes to terms and conditions.

What are your thoughts?

What are your thoughts on the UK’s first strike of Architecture Workers?

Is the unrest long overdue? Perhaps you think this is an overreaction and the employees should “get on with it”?

Either way, share your thoughts below, as we’d love to hear them

Where to find out more

If you would like to find out more about UVW-SAW you can check out our conversation with them on our podcast, browse their website here or engage in their campaign on their active Instagram account here