Clubhouse Conversations – How to get your first Architecture Job – #01 Starting Your Search

After the Livestream on “How To Get Your First Job As A Part I Architectural Assistant – #1 Starting The Search”, we opened the clubhouse stage to hear everyone’s thoughts on the topic.

Featuring the Global Architects Alliance and Jason Boyle.

“Are you a Part I Architectural Assistant who is about to hand in your work or perhaps you’ve finished pinning up your work at the end of the year’s exhibition?

Soon you’re going to be going out into the big wide professional world and begin the search for your first job. It can feel overwhelming and stressful, I remember that feeling quite well. First of all, you CAN do it and with a little bit of help and guidance, I will try and make the search EASIER and less PAINFUL for you to endure.

Over the next few weeks, I will be doing a series of Livestream webinars that are OPEN for all and FREE. We are going to go through the process from the start, staring at a blank paper all the way to starting a new job.

Find the whiteboard that goes along with this discussion here:”


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