Hamza Shaikh – Discussing the Next Generation of Architects

Hamza Shaikh - Discussing the Next Generation of Architects




There’s been so much going on lately in the world of Architecture.  

Working remotely in professional practice is no longer impossible to implement and hybrid working is arguably here to stay.

At the same time, communication and content creation online within Architecture has evolved at a rapid pace.

Earlier in the year FAF (Future Architects Front) raised awareness of the ongoing woes and realities of entering the Architecture profession from a student to becoming a young professional.  

Lately in the news, there is a reshuffle within the RIBA headquarters.

It’s been a strange two years, however, I don’t see us going back. Is this now the new normal?

Given all that’s going on, who are the next generation of Architects and what does that look like to be part of it?

This Wednesday at 1pm I am joined by the awesome Hamza Shaikh, trailblazer Architect in the making and content creator of the Two Worlds Design podcast as well as his exponentially growing Youtube Channel where we will discuss LIVE the next generation of Architects.

Join and participate in the live conversation here on LinkedIn, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter this Wednesday at 1pm. BOOM! See you then