HELP! Get Me Out of Architecture, feat. Jake Rudin and Erin

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Have you ever thought about what it would be like to work in a different profession? 

Is it possible? Are the skills learnt while studying Architecture useful in other industries? Where do you even begin moving to another profession? 

I have my own ideas, however luckily for us I know just the pair who can share useful insight on this subject! 

Let’s take a spin with Out of Architecture, the career consulting firm that helps you leverage the full value of your architecture education in any field.

 Jake Rudin:

Jake is a strategic thinker and designer with a decade of experience in building things from the ground up. At Adidas, he leads Computational Design, Digital Technologies, and Pattern Engineering teams. He also runs Out of Architecture, a career consulting firm helping designers apply their incredible talents in untraditional ways. 

Erin Pellegrino:

 Erin is a strategist, designer and registered architect with a decade of experience in design, business development and creative consulting. She currently works as the founder and principal of Matter, a design firm that solves problems from brand and digital experiences to the built environment. 





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