I’m an Architect… but how do I also become a successful Content Creator? ft. Thomas Rowntree

I’m an Architect... but how do I also become a successful Content Creator? ft. Thomas Rowntree

Chances are that if you’re watching this episode, you’ve also studied Architecture and worked in the industry. 

If you’re also not living under a rock or have successfully gotten your life together, unlike me, then you probably also understand what social media is because you’re watching far too much random stuff on Youtube, browsing pointlessly through Instagram as well as procrastinating on LinkedIn while pretending to be working. 

For us mere mortals who scroll the Reels on our way to work, perhaps you’ve thought about what it’s like to be a content creator. Is it a lot of hard work to be successful? Is it worth it? Does it make money or bring fame and kudos? Or is it a hindrance to your day-to-day career? 

I’m joined here by an awesome Architectural Professional who I’ve met both online and in person; Thomas Rowntree is a talented Part II Architectural Assistant who practices in Industry alongside consistently producing high-quality, engaging content for his Youtube Channel. 

Join me in an unscripted live stream where we have an informal conversation shedding some insight on what it’s like to be a full-time professional as well as a successful content creator. 


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