Inspiring Sustainable Ways of Life, ft. Michael Woodford at White Arkitekter

Michael Woodford on Sustainable Living at White Arkitekter

Crafting Sustainable Futures: The Vision of White Arkitekter

Embracing Sustainability at Its Core

At White Arkitekter, sustainability is not just a trend but the cornerstone of our ethos. Michael Woodford, a partner at White Arkitekter, underscores the firm’s dedication to embedding sustainability into every project. With a strategic plan aimed at drastically reducing carbon emissions by 2030, White Arkitekter demonstrates a profound commitment to environmental stewardship. This commitment is evident in projects like the Velindre Cancer Centre in Cardiff, which is designed with sustainability at its forefront, influenced by Wales’ innovative Future Generations Act.

A Global Perspective with Local Impact

White Arkitekter’s global reach, with studios across Sweden, the UK, Norway, Germany, Canada, and Kenya, showcases a unique blend of international expertise and local understanding. This extensive network allows for a diverse exchange of ideas, ensuring that each project benefits from a rich tapestry of cultural and environmental insights. The firm’s work in Cardiff, with the Velindre Cancer Centre, exemplifies how global practices can significantly contribute to local communities, marrying advanced sustainability standards with the specific needs of the Welsh populace.

The Power of Timber in Architecture

A noteworthy example of White Arkitekter’s commitment to sustainability is their office building in Uppsala, Sweden. This structure not only serves as a beacon of modern timber construction but also achieved LEED Platinum certification, setting a new standard for energy-efficient design. Timber, a renewable resource, plays a pivotal role in the firm’s projects, with nearly 40% of their work incorporating timber structures. This approach not only reduces the carbon footprint of their buildings but also showcases the aesthetic and functional benefits of using wood in contemporary architecture.

Fostering a Collaborative and Educational Work Environment

The culture within White Arkitekter’s London studio is a testament to the firm’s ethos of inclusivity and collaboration. A flat organizational structure encourages every team member to contribute their ideas, fostering an environment where creativity and innovation thrive. The firm’s commitment to education, especially in sustainability, is evident in their regular talks, CPDs, and events, aiming to empower their team with the knowledge to lead the industry towards a more sustainable future.

Looking Ahead: Sustainable and Social Architecture

As White Arkitekter looks to the future, the focus remains on expanding their portfolio in healthcare and residential projects, with a keen emphasis on sustainability. Exploring the circular economy and how buildings can be designed with reusability in mind is a priority, reflecting a holistic approach to sustainable architecture. By balancing their expertise in health facilities with ambitious residential projects, White Arkitekter aims to address the urgent need for sustainable living spaces that cater to the well-being of communities and the environment.


White Arkitekter’s work is a vivid illustration of how architecture can transcend mere construction to become a catalyst for sustainable and social change. Through innovative projects like the Velindre Cancer Centre and their timber office in Uppsala, they showcase the potential of integrating sustainability into the fabric of our built environment. As they continue to explore new frontiers in sustainable design, White Arkitekter remains at the forefront of shaping a future where architecture harmonizes with the natural world, ensuring a legacy that future generations will inherit with pride.

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